The Artist
Elizabeth LaChance born 1947 in Kirkwood, Missouri. Where art was a way of life. Eighth of eleven children, of which seven are practicing artists. This instilled a creative approach to her works while developing her inherent talents at a very young age. Elizabeth’s family and Midwest background lends itself to her honest presentations and style.

While having fine tuned her skill through many years of formal education, more and more her years of experience are what define her gifted presentations. Elizabeth, an American impressionist has been painting for over 35 years. Her work is displayed in “Supreme Court Chambers” as well as many prestigious private, public and corporate collections across the United States and throughout the world.

Elizbeth’s goal, inspired by Henri Mattisse and Gustav Klimt, is to keep that sense of organic happening, as if the painting had grown itself, assisted only by the natural nurturing of the Artist.

Elizabeth would like to give credit and dedicate her works and Gallery Art Paintings to, Sara Evans Hartman 1911-1995. Busy mother of eleven, who took the time to share her love and appreciation of art with her children.

St. Louis Artists’ Guild
Two Oak Knoll Park
St.Louis, MO 63105
Since 1886, dedicated to excellence in art for more than 110 years.

Missouri Arts Council

Regional Arts Commission
Thanks to you the arts are at work in St. Louis!

Noteworthy: Since her first paintings appeared on the open market just a few years ago, E.G. LaChance’s artwork has appreciated in value by as much as 900%.

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